Residential Land Problem in Bhubaneswar, Orissa, India

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It is from my experience.

If one wants to buy a piece of land in Bhubaneswar, capital city of Orisaa, India need to be vigilant enough and not believe any saler till satisfies himself/herself.

There is no transparency in most of the cases. The version of saler is in one direction and the fact might  be in opposite direction.

The advertisers for sale do give false information regarding;

  • Distance from key places like hospital, air port or railway station.
  • Category of land such as water body (Now filled up and leveled), are not disclosed; which are not possible to be converted to housing land.
  • Do not the information about the zone under which it is coming up, viz. Flood zone, residential zone. heritage zone or reserved zone.
  • They ignore the principles/guidelines stipulated by the development authority under which it comes; viz, approval of a plotting scheme over a larger land or breaking a patch of land (In Odia, Chaka).
  • Apart from these there might be so many sales of the same piece of land to many buyers.
  • They escalate the price of land to their sweet will in violation of the Govt. Rate; at the same time register the land in lower price and the differential goes as black money.
  • Delay or do not give possession of land for a long period.
  • Sometimes force the buyer to get the money (Paid some years back) refunded and leave the promised land to the saler, or again pay a hefty amount to get he land.
  • Many are having mafia connections and connection with political persons, where an innocent buyer can not do anything, if landed in a fraud.

There is almost inaction on behalf the Authorities to ease the plight of buyers who invest their genuine earnings of life time.

It is luck, if somebody gets a fair deal and hassle free land in Bhubaneswar, as many are not well versed with the Govt. Guidelines.

Perhaps only God can help the corrupt practice here.

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