Shifting of Responsibility

From sometime back till now, there has been a trend to shift the responsibility, particularly in official circles in India.

If a common man applies for some document, information or redressal of some grievance; the file under red tapism suffers only from suffocation.

It goes down and then up in one department, again travels inter-departments for several days; if luck does not favour the person.

White elephants do such shifting job more often than the officials in relatively lower level. It only shows the sadistic attitude of the people at high places.

Even the information short under the RTI Act 2005 many times sees the same route.

The mentality of not making information public is part of the strategy followed since the time of British Raj.

Perhaps, it will be proper to fix certain rate of “Tips Money or whatever one names it” for a little speedy disposal of each work to be done by them.

It is perhaps the salary paid to them by the Government is a sort of retention fees.

This is the real position at ground level in the “God Fearing and Country of Spirituality”.

It is not known when HE is coming in some or other form.

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