Pacemakers Can be Hacked

Perhaps in the face of threat from wireless hacking of pacemakers that may endanger the life of the patient, those should be made hacker-proof.
Pacemaker is a device the doctor implants in the patients of heart disease to regulate the functioning of heart.

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Protecting Pacemakers From Hackers

It’s been difficult to turn on the news over the past couple of weeks without hearing some new news about electronic systems being compromised. From Sony to RSA to CitiBank, some of the largest systems in the world have proven themselves vulnerable to security threats.

X-ray of the thorax with an pacemaker in situ.

But what about some of the smallest?

As implantable medical devices such as pacemakers and insulin pumps have become more common, one innovative feature has been the addition of the ability to control the devices wirelessly via the internet. This approach has enabled doctors to improve the well-being of their patients through additional data monitoring and control without the need for additional surgery.

Security experts have noted that implantable medical devices, such as pacemakers, are vulnerable to attack. It’s even possible, in theory, that a hacker could actually manipulate a pacemaker wirelessly to kill its patient. And for a number of reasons, many of these medical devices don’t have much in the way of security, either because it wasn’t contemplated at time of manufacture or it wasn’t possible due to power and/or form factor requirements.

But it’s also opened the door for security threats.




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