Muscle Regenerated with Pig Bladder Hormones

After regenerating bone and joint this is perhaps a great achievement. Injured muscle could regenerate after addition growth factor to the site.

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Veteran’s leg muscle regenerated with pig bladder hormones

A mortar attack in Afghanistan destroyed most of the leg muscles of a US Marine, but now he can walk again after a regenerative treatment using growth factors helped his body regrow the lost tissue.

The matrix is a biological scaffold enriched with proteins and experimental growth-promoting substances that recruit stem cells and other progenitor cells to the site of the injury – stimulating tissue regeneration and rebuilding lost muscle.

  • First, Hernandez had to build up his remaining leg muscle by exercising rigorously.
  • Then the surgeons inserted the matrix – containing growth hormones derived from pig bladders – into an incision in his thigh.
  • A few weeks later, his leg began growing in both bulk and strength.
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