Rabies from Vampire Bat Bite

Rabies is preventable. It’s treatment may not be successful. The typical fear for cold wind and water called hydrophobia manifests late.
History taking is an important part which is often missing now-a-days; whereas clinicians preferring and depending mainly on investigations.
Headache, confusion and features of encephalitis in patients should prompt clinician to bring rabies as differential diagnosis.

Rabies can be transmitted from bite of rabid dog, monkey, mongoose, fox, bat, raccoon and skunk.

Amplify’d from www.cbsnews.com

(CBS) Federal health officials are urging doctors to consider rabies in patients with severe headache, confused thinking, or other symptoms of the brain inflammation encephalitis. The caution comes after the 2010 death of a migrant worker in Louisiana was attributed to the bite of a rabid vampire bat.

It was the first death from a vampire bite ever recorded in the U.S.

The unidentified 19-year-old died on August 21, 2010, about three weeks after seeking medical attention about fatigue, shoulder pain, and numbness in his left hand. When public health authorities interviewed the man’s mother, she said he had been bitten by a vampire bat on the heel of his left foot in Michocan, Mexico on July 15, 10 days before leaving for the U.S. He hadn’t sought medical attention for the bite, his mother said.

The rabies virus can be transmitted by other species of bats that are found in the U.S. In addition, rabies can be transmitted by dogs, raccoons, foxes, and skunks. Anyone bitten by an animal should call 911 or go to the emergency room.

Read more at www.cbsnews.com


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