Infra-Red and Thermal Technology to Image Breast Cancer

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Scientists from Israel used infra-red and thermal technology to scan breast cancer and found that to be 92% sensitive; in comparison to mammography to be 80% se3nsitive that uses x-rays.
Radiation used in mammogram is toxic to health and additionally to be interpreted by human eye. In contrast the new technology gives real time image without interpretation by human eye.
Additionally, it scans dense breasts more accurately than the mammogram.
Let us wait a little for more results.

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Breakthrough breast cancer scanner detects lumps without using X-rays

Scientists at Real Imaging – the Israeli inventors -have discovered that women with breast cancer produce different signals on the surface of their skin which is detected by the machine without coming into contact with the breast.

The new machine finds tumours in the breast without the need for radiation by using infra red beams and thermal energy.
The current method: A mammogram uses X-rays to detect breast tumours

The device is also set to get an official EU seal of approval by the end of the year allowing it to be used in the UK.

The company claims the new technology has a major plus that allows detection of cancer in younger women who generally have denser breasts.

In recent years the breast screening service in the UK has been hit by a number of scandals where radiologists have not read mamograms correctly and missed cancer in some women.

Dr Libson added: ‘The new scanner is extremely hi tech and doesn’t require a human to be accurate. You get a result on a screen and there is no peering at x ray films to try and find a tumour.’

Real Imaging expects the machine to be used initially alongside mammogram machines as a back up technology but believe it could one day replace the mammogram completely.

Professor Kefah Mokbel, a breast specialist at London’s St George’s Hospital, said: ‘It’s an interesting technology and there is certainly a need for other methods than mammogram machines. I would see it being used for moment with mammography because it could very well detect a cancer not seen on conventional secreening.’



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