Squalamine from Shark Liver can Protect Human from Viruses

Squalamine naturally found from shark liver can protect human from various Viruses, the researchers say.

Amplify’d from www.latimes.com

Shark extract squalamine fights viruses, study finds

Working with a variety of scientists at Georgetown, UCLA and elsewhere, Zasloff and his colleagues tested the ability of squalamine to fight off infections by a variety of viruses including dengue virus, yellow fever and hepatitis A, B and D. Some of the experiments were done in tissue culture cells of various types: human liver cells for the hepatitis viruses, for example, and human blood vessel cells for the dengue virus.  In other cases, such as yellow fever and cytomegalovirus, the tests were done in hamsters and mice. Some of the animals recovered from the infections
A great white shark at the Monterey Bay Aquarium
Though the authors believe squalamine has promise and might yield some new drugs for some tricky-to-fight human viruses, it’s still early for the study of squalamine’s virus-fighting abilities. Still, it surely won’t be long before “Sharks Don’t Get Dengue!” hits the bookstores.

Read more at www.latimes.com



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