Skin Cell Spray in Treating Burn Injury

Second-degree burn caused by contact with boil...

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Treating large burn injuries are difficult; and involves a lot of morbidity and mortality; according to degree and percentage of burn.
Traditionally, treated by different methods of dressing and later skin grafting.
With evolution of newer technologies, plastic surgery has come to the fore front.
Biological and synthetic skin substitutes were applied.
As a little skin may be available from the victim uniform holes were made in the sheets of available skin, so that it can cover a larger burnt area when spread; expanding the holes.
Then came cultured skin sheets which took a lot of time to be finally applied.
Now, the newer technique of skin cell spray within 10 days of burn.

Now to treat burns, use spray-on-skin

An Australia-based doctor has developed a new ‘spray-on-skin’ technique, which allows the rapid administration of skin cells, speeding up the healing process and significantly reducing scarring simply by having your consultant spray the skin.

Where previous techniques of skin culturing required 21 days to produce enough cells to cover major burns, the new method has cut this time to five days, Dr Fiona Wood, director of the West Australian Burns Service said. Treating large burn injuries traditionally involves applying cultured skin in the form of sheets to the wound. The skin sheets, grown from skin cells of the patient, usually take 14-21 days to produce. Wood found that scarring could decrease if the wound could be treated within 10 days. Although skin sheets produced in 10 days often had holes, these areas healed faster than those treated with confluent sheets.

It takes approximately 30 minutes and does not require laboratory facilities.




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