Proteus Syndrome Where There is Abnormal Growth

Proteus Syndrome, where there is abnormal growth of part of body.

Amplify’d from
Joseph Merrick

Proteus syndrome involves atypical growth of the bones, skin,
head and a variety of other symptoms.

It was first identified by Michael Cohen Jr. in 1979. The name comes from the Greek god Proteus, who used to change his shape or form to avoid capture.

A scene from the film 'The Elephant Man' (1980) starring John Hurt as Merrick

Its cause is unknown, but other symptoms include raised rough skin, deep lines and overgrowth of
soft tissue on the soles of the feet, enlarged blood vessels, excess fat, tumours (usually benign) and deep vein thromboses.

The syndrome became more widely known when it was determined that Joseph Merrick (top), portrayed by John Hurt in the popular 1980 film The Elephant Man (above) had severe Proteus syndrome.

Fight: Ms Sellars - pictured here before surgery - was told she would die before she had her leg removed
Ms Sellars weighed 16st with both legs at full size, and is one of only around 120 people in the world with a condition of this kind.




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