Zolpidem Approved for Troubled Sleep

Zolpidem quickly indices sleep, so helpful for those who wake up after a short sleep at night.
Researchers say ABCC9 gene is responsible for short sleep at night.

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Insomnia drug for middle of the night wakers approved by FDA

The first insomnia drug for people who wake in the middle of the night and then have trouble getting back to sleep has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Intermezzo (zolpidem tartrate sublingual tablets) should only be used when a person has at least four hours of bedtime remaining and should not be taken with any other sleep aids or if a person had consumed alcohol, the FDA said.

The recommended and maximum doses are 3.5 milligrams for men and 1.75 mg for women, taken once per night. The dose is lower for women because their bodies take longer to clear the drug.

The approval was based on two clinical trials involving more than 370 patients. Patients who took the drug fell back to sleep quicker than those who took a placebo. Headache, nausea and fatigue were the most common adverse side effects reported by patients taking Intermezzo, the FDA said.

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