Modified Polio Virus to Treat Brain Tumours in Future

Researchers from the Duke Cancer Institute have exploited the affinity of Polio virus towards the nerve cells to target the brain tumours, either primary or metastatic.

Professor Matthias Gromeier, microbiologist at Duke University in North Carolina, crippled the lethality potential of polio virus, while preserving the infectivity potential by changing its genetic component called “IRES” ( Internal ribosomal entry site) with that of common cold virus (Rninovirus).

IRES enables a virus to express its own genetic information inside the host cell, it has invaded. They prepared a therapy, known as PVSRIPO, when injected to the brain tumour (Glioblastoma), destroyed it within a short time, in animal models.

Read More; Modified Polio Virus may Treat Dangerous Brain Tumours in a Better Way than Traditional Therapy ~ From A Clinician’s Bioscope.

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