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Will it be Possible to Forcibly Divert Planes Heading for collision?

To-day is the 10th Anniversary of World Trade Center attack. Most of the news channels are busy in showing the ground Zero happenings on the eventful day and the memorial observations.

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Installing .NetFrame Work 4

This evening, I installed Scribefire a blog editing and uploading software browser addon to my updated version 3.6.4 of Firefox. At the same time I wanted to install .NetFrame Work 4 to my computer, as the update was caught by Filehippo update checker. The downloaded update from Filehippo did not install. So, I went to […]

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Classification Of Obesity by BMI

Image by Getty Images via @daylife Ideal weight of a parson is calculated basing on the height and weight. Whether a person is either underweight or overweight is calculated from the Body Mass Index (BMI). This is calculated by dividing the boby weight in Kgms by height in squared meters, i.e.Kgrms/square meter. It is inferred […]

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Phimosis Giving Rise to Emergency Situations

Though phimosis is apparently an innocent disease may a cause of grave concern.

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Quarrel to Express Yourself

Some say a particular person is quarrelsome, angry and argumentative etc. But how those modes of expression came to existence? If those were not needed how come they have a place in our day to day life! Silent sufferers are more prone to heart attack as the bad feeling remains within and smokes inside. That […]


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