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Appendicular Lump

The slender ,hanging structure is appendix Poor, most of the time bear the brunt of disease aggression.One of the serious complications of appendicitis is appendicular lump.After an acute attack if not treated adequately (without Surgery) body tries to contain the infection.In the process the near by intestine and omentum try to isolate the infected appendix […]

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Image via Wikipedia               A very painful reddish swelling in front and below the ear either unilateral or bilateral with fever and malaise ushers the disease called Mumps.Usually occurs in the childhood but no age is exempt.It is a viral (Mumps Virus) disease affecting the parotid salivary gland, commonly  subsides without much sequel.               Complications do […]

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Abscesses are generally due to some sort of local infection .Diabetics get it more as a result of decreased immune status. Perianal abscess occur near about the anal region by the side of anal opening.It is a very painful condition and usually accompanied by fever.It occurs due to an anal gland bactarial infection.The patient in […]

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