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Desert Dust may Exacerbate Children’s Asthma

This study co-relates children’s asthma exacerbation due to blown up desert dust in far away places. Amplify’d from ‘Desert dust’ days may worsen kids’ asthma NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – Dust blown from faraway deserts may accumulate in the air to levels great enough to contribute to children’s asthma attacks, a new study suggests. […]

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To Tackle Bronchial Asthma

A holistic approach to asthma management. Please go through it. Amplify’d from How to Cope With Asthma Asthma (Bronchial) is primarily a manifestation of an allergic disorder, either external or internal. There occurs inflammation in the respiratory tract epithelium (the lining cells). The inflammatory substances acting on the musculature cause spasm of respiratory tract […]

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Vitamin D & Anti-Interleukin Treatment For Respiratory Disease,A promise.

Vitamin D Respiratory diseases particularly Asthma poses a constant problem to the clinicians as well as to the patients.Vitamin D, in addition to it’s effect on bone found to be effective in treating the respiratory diseases.It has effect on Asthma treatment.The effect of anti-interleukin-5 on the treatment of Asthma is also a novel step.I have […]


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