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Meditation Boosts Connections in Brain

  ScienceDaily (2011-07-13) — Researchers have found that long time meditators have stronger connections between brain regions, and show less age-related atrophy when compared to a control group. Having stronger connections influences the ability to rapidly relay electrical signals in the brain. And significantly, these effects are evident throughout the entire brain, not just in […]


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Cell Phone Blues

The controversy, contradictions, fears, assumptions and at last inconclusiveness continues to hunt the cell phones. But why not to use it, an essential item judiciously. Amplify’d from CHICAGO (Reuters) – Spending 50 minutes with a cellphone plastered to your ear is enough to change brain cell activity in the part of the brain closest […]

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Jet Lag and Biological Clock

That is jet lag. It is due to the maladjustment of the biological clock. Like our wrist watch body maintains a clock for its activity, the circadian rhythm, called biological clock. It is a function of the brain.

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