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Thiopurine based Immunosuppressant used in IBD may cause Skin Cancer

The researchers have noticed marginal increase in incidence of non-melanoma skin cancer after thipurine use for Inflammatory Bowel Diseases like Crohn’s disease.

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Robotic Surgery Known as Trachelectomy Removes Cervical Cancer and Preserves Fertility

Trachelectomy or cervicectomy is surgical removal of the uterine cervix. The uterine body is preserved in this type of surgery, where a lady wants to preserve her fertility; of course, in selected younger women with early cervical cancer.

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Detecting Abnormal Cells by Light

The cancer-spotting version can emit short bursts of light that will show the inside of a cell, exposing whether the nuclei look precancerous, meaning whether they look deformed or are larger than the nuclei of healthy cells.


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Cannabis to Relieve Pain of Terminally Ill Cancer Patients

Cannabis is being seen as powerful analgesic to relieve the pain of terminally ill cancer patients.

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Cancer Fighting Virus may be the Saviour

Viruses are being developed to localise only in the tumour cells and kill those.

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