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Phimosis Giving Rise to Emergency Situations

Though phimosis is apparently an innocent disease may a cause of grave concern.

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HIV/AIDS and Circumcision

This article was found in “The Lancet” a medical journal.It has interesting findings on transmission of HIV(Human Immunodeficiency Virus) to female from male infected partner.There has been other reports that it prevents .Circumcision on medical grounds other than custom should not denied to anybody including HIV infected .The UNAID /WHO also recommends in the same […]

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PARTS OF PENIS Paraphimosis mostly seen in children and adolescents .When a phimosed i.e. non retractile prepuce of penis though tight yet yields to forcible retraction and not reduced acts as a constricting ring behind the glans.This obstructs the return of fluid from from the distal part of penis.The ring swells and exerts increasing pressure […]

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