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Snake Bite

Image via Wikipedia A large chunk of death is due to fear after a snake bite.This is due to shock following fear.Most of the bites are from non-poisonous snakes.Snakes are there for ecological balance.They are friend of farmer in the sense that they protect his grains from rats by preying on them.They bite out of […]

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Image via Wikipedia At last there is some hope that monsoon will arrive in this part of world.Mercury is a little in the comfort zone in this dawn of longest day in Northern hemisphere.So I started my walk a little earlier,to be precise at 4 AM to avoid day light coming.As I approached towards the […]

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As usual I started my morning walk at 4.45 AM setting my PC to download some recent updates for PcLinux 2009.1.I headed towards the seashore and the moon was above the horizon.I wondered about life and death.How can it definitely be defined ? Somebody ,of course human is said to be living when his heart […]

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