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Changes in The Esophagus from Acid Problem

Constant acis reflux from the stomach may change the inner lining of esophagus from squamous cell to columnar cell. It is called Barret’s esophagus and cancerous changes may occur in ti in future; patient should remain under observation endoscopically.

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Struck Fish Bone In Throat

Infants and small children are to be watched while they play, so that nothing is put into mouth; as, at this age they try to gather information about an objects by the lips. So, They put anything and everything to try that and accidentally land in trouble; and the whole family suffers.



Heartburn, An overview.

The pain; will actually be understood by one who has suffered from it,the burning sensation one gets in the middle of chest. It usually occurs about half an hour to one hour after taking food. Certain foods particular to the individual trigger it. More commonly pickle, dry foods, fad foods, spicy and chilly food are responsible for it. There is regurgitation of fluid and food with burning sensation. It may be mild to severe. By experience person will rush to drink water or antacids to get relief from it.

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Pain Upper Mid-Abdomen-1

The disease can very nicely be diagnosed by an endoscopy.This can be treated by newer proton pump inhibitor drugs.This drug has left the surgical option for this disease limited to the complications only.If drug treatment fails nice surgical options are available.

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ESOPHAGEAL VARICES. Bleeding from upper intestine ,most commonly from an ulcer in stomach and duodenum causes black stool .Black stool is due to action of acid (hydrochloric)on the hemoglobin (present in the red blood cells).That is substantiated by occult blood test of a stool sample.The exact disease of stomach and duodenum can be determined by […]

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