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Pain Upper Mid-Abdomen-2

Medical treatment for small cholesterol stone may become effective.Nevertheless surgery is indicated for it’s cure.A laparoscopic approach is the gold standard treatment now-a-days.

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URSODEOXYCHOLIC ACID There are at least three types of gall bladder stones viz.cholesterol stones,mixed stones and pigment stones. Cholesterol stone formation may occur if these is mismatch between fat dissolving agents i.e. bile acids formed in liver and fat. Long term use of contraceptive pills may decrease the amount of bile acid synthesis. Dissolving agents […]

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Image via Wikipedia In India many skip breakfast for various reasons.Ladies specially skip it with a plea that they are busy in household work.These persons many a times suffer from gall bladder stone,obesity and diabetes.   After the over night fasting ,in the morning body needs energy to start the day’s work.The gall bladder stores and […]

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