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Hepatitis C and HIV/AIDS Go Hand in Hand

It has been seen by the by the researchers that hepatitis C (HCV) infection is very common in passive anal sex partner, when either of them suffer from AIDS. Re-infection with HCV is also common in HIV affected persons. The matter of concern is that the HCV is likely to become resistant to the newer […]

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Antimicrobial Tenofovir Gel is Promising in Preventing AIDS

Anti-viral drug, a vaginal containing tenofovir is preventing HIV transmission to a larger extent. Please read the full story. Amplify’d from Antiretroviral vaginal gel shows promise against HIV A transparent antiretroviral gel could turn out to be the unexpected winner in the race to give women a means of protecting themselves against HIV. Adele […]

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HIV/AIDS Vaccine In Indian Perspective

This message was sent to me by one of my Ranbaxy friends has been posted for the knowledge of all.The researchers are very much enthusiastic about the breakthrough.Weh hope it will be available soon in Indian perspective.

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HIV/AIDS and Circumcision

This article was found in “The Lancet” a medical journal.It has interesting findings on transmission of HIV(Human Immunodeficiency Virus) to female from male infected partner.There has been other reports that it prevents .Circumcision on medical grounds other than custom should not denied to anybody including HIV infected .The UNAID /WHO also recommends in the same […]

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