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Rabies and Protection

Image by Getty Images via Daylife A patient having low grade fever ,headache,malaise and some amount of cough usually not given much importance thinking it to be common cold or some minor viral fever.But if has a history of exposure to the bite or saliva contact of an unimmunized domestic pet like dog,rabbit,monkey,cat or mongoose […]

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Rabies spreads from the bite of rabid animals.The disease is seen in animals like monkey,dog,jackel,cat and  mongoose etc..The cardinal sign of an animal becoming rabid is running amoke or melancholia .Once affected usually dies around tenth day.But sometimes healthy carriers are found.That is why it is suggested to immunise the pets for rabies and if […]

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Image by Julien Harneis via Flickr Measles a communicable disease spreading in air from the patient, usually affects children below 5 ears of age.Begins as symptoms of common cold or flu without a clue to the disease in particular.Around 5th day of fever patient develops rashes first behind the ear ,inside the mouth on on […]

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