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Sepsis after Cat Bite

So, apart from vaccination against rabies the wound should be inspected right at the time of first reporting of patient.Appropriate action for collected blood should be taken along with antibacterial treatment.Vaccination against tetanus is mandatory.


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About H1N1 Influenza

Image by harold.lloyd (won’t somebody think of the bokeh?) via Flickr My friend in has sent this message to me requesting for wide circulation.I would like to add a few things a few here.As regards the mask and precautions he is right.But using a mask is better to no use.What I called something is […]

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Image via Wikipedia I do not remember if I have seen bilateral orchitis in the recent past that I saw to-day.The enlargement is quite remarkable.May be it is due to the delay in arrival to the hospital.Orchitis is inflammation of testis commonly by bacteria in an adult but in tropical countries usually filarial. .In children […]

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Appendicular Lump

                   My patient of Appendicular Lump is recovering from the grave situation.Now the fever has subsided,vomiting reduced and appetite is returning.She was on conservative management.But full oral feed has not been allowed .I think she can take normal diet after another two days.                          In case she has not improved I would have been forced to […]

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Appendicular Lump

The slender ,hanging structure is appendix Poor, most of the time bear the brunt of disease aggression.One of the serious complications of appendicitis is appendicular lump.After an acute attack if not treated adequately (without Surgery) body tries to contain the infection.In the process the near by intestine and omentum try to isolate the infected appendix […]

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