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Atrocities Against Husbands

Image by andydr via Flickr Now tortured husbands in India are being united to fight the atrocities against them.In India even to-day daughter-in-laws/wives are tortured.And the law is in their favor.As usual many a times it is being mis-utilized to harass the husband and their family.In that case the innocents are facing the brunt of […]

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Beneficiary Of Motor Vehicle Act In India

Image via Wikipedia It is evident from the recent raids conducted by the Vigilance department/CBI on the houses of the staffs of Road Transport Offices and Motor Vehicle Inspector Offices ,who the actual beneficiary of the Motor vehicle Acts in India are.If with the variously named tips money/satisfaction money paid by the satisfied vehicle owners […]

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The climate GOD, at last become happy to make the mankind in this part of India feel the cool of Rainy season.It is pleasant now.To-day is a holiday but emergency section in hospital is on as usual. Now it is in news that Govt. want to double the salary of doctors willing to work in […]

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