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New Easy to Use Malaria Test Kit (LAMP) Detects Low Level of Parasite in Blood

A new test, to detect malaria called LAMP (Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification) and was tested by researchers in UK and Switzerland in two studies was found to be easier and more accurate. This is a simple test that can be performed by a non-specialist health workers. Read more; Clinician On Net: New Easy to Use Malaria […]


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Scientist Gets Lasker Foundation Prize For Malaria Drug

Artemisinin has its root from the extract of sweet wormwood taking a clue from ancient Chinese texts and folk remedies for malaria.


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Malaria and HIV Followed Same Path to Reach Human?

The scientists say that malaria might have followed the same path to human being as AIDS did; from gorillas. Future plan to eradicate malaria need to safe guard its return from gorillas. Amplify’d from Malaria comes courtesy of gorillas, DNA study shows WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Malaria appears to have jumped to humans from gorillas, […]

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Image via Wikipedia Red blood cells(RBC) in blood are responsible for carriny oxygen to the cells and bring out carbondioxide from  there.The protein iron complex in it called haemoglobin is the carrier of oxygen and carbondioxide.Normal hemoglobin is termed as HbA.But many abnormalities do occur.One is HbS ( Sickle haemoglobin) derived the name from sickle […]

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