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Heart Attack in Women below 55 may be Misdiagnosed

The classical symptom of heart attack that forces one to get consultation with a doctor the chest pain is often missing in women below 55, which even can bias a doctor to settle for some other diagnosis, rather than the heart attack.This is according to a study of more than one million people in the […]


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Vitamin D Can Have Several Protective Effects

Let us have a little sun each and every day by indulging in some outdoor activitie

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Molecule of Aspirin Aspirin appeared and used fro treatment of headache alone or in combination with paracetamol and caffeine long time back .It was very much an effective remedy.But is notorious to cause stomach problem in form of gastritis, ulcers and bleeding.Then it was not used for many years till its beneficial effect in myocardial […]

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Generally speaking heart attack means assault on it’s muscles.Heart can be thought as a muscular pump,maintaining blood circulation throughout the body providing nutrition and oxygen .The heart also get supply from it’s own blood vessels to survive and function.Due to various reasons importantly blockade to it’s blood vessels, may be partial or complete, deprives it […]

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