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Character of Pain in Acid Peptic Disease.

Image by drppanda via Flickr Acid peptic diseases include; Duodenal ulcer. Stomach ulcer Erosion of stomach Inflammation or gastritis of stomach. Oesophageal ulcer or erosion. Gastroesophageal reflux disease Ulcer in the part just beyond duodenum i.e.jejunum Ulcer or inflammation in the Mackel’s diverticulum in presence of ectopic gastric mucosa. The feature of pain includes; Image […]

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Acid Peptic Disease in Mackel's Diverticulum

Image via Wikipedia Acid peptic disease commonly affects stomach,duodenum and/or lower esophagus .An uncommon site is Mackel’s Diverticulum. There may be the presence of ectopic stomach mucosa to cause the symptoms.Here there is  the same pathology to cause ulcer or inflammation. Mackel’s diverticulum is an out pouching of intestine in it’s lower end.It is of […]



Pain Upper Mid-Abdomen-1

The disease can very nicely be diagnosed by an endoscopy.This can be treated by newer proton pump inhibitor drugs.This drug has left the surgical option for this disease limited to the complications only.If drug treatment fails nice surgical options are available.

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Vomiting Stale Food

Flexible Endoscope. One patient came to me in great distress with hiccup,pain in the abdomen and inability to stand. Apart from this ,patients present to a doctor with complains of vomiting of stale food some hours or  days of  taking food.There is loss of appetite ,weakness,malnutrition,hiccup and desire to induce vomiting to get relief from […]

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ESOPHAGEAL VARICES. Bleeding from upper intestine ,most commonly from an ulcer in stomach and duodenum causes black stool .Black stool is due to action of acid (hydrochloric)on the hemoglobin (present in the red blood cells).That is substantiated by occult blood test of a stool sample.The exact disease of stomach and duodenum can be determined by […]

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