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Finger Clicks on Clinching Fist

Image by tylerdurden1 via Flickr There is a clicking sound while clinching fist and pain along a finger of hand. This is a sort of spot the diagnosis for medical persons. This is a condition involving flexor tendons of fingers. There are tunnels and tendon pulleys in the fingers, made up of collagen/fibrous tissue .The […]

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Image via Wikipedia Osteoarthrosis of knee a debilitating condition will come and stay with the aging process.The best way to beat it is by physiotherapy combined with on demand simple analgesics like paracetamol and etoricoxib.So-many physiotherapies are described ,but by far swimming is the best.Swimming is the most energy consuming exercise.Combined with it a little […]

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Usually the weight bearing joints are affected ,the most common being the knee joint followed by ankle and hip joints.There is lot of pain which commences when the joint is first used then to subsides a little but as disease progresses all the movements become painful.So many causes attributed to it.Weight gain and excessive wear […]

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