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Diseases Presenting as Piles

So, for any bleeding from anus a simple examination like digital examination should not be skipped.

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Pain In Anal Region While Passing Motions

There is pain of varying degree in the anus during passing of motions, compelling the patient to hold stool. The pain lasts for sometimes after the act. Most of the sufferers are ladies. It may follow after passing of hard stool in the recent past.

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Complication of Dysentery

Geriatric people are generally neglected more so in India.Otherwise this sort of complications of dysentery should not have been seen

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                           This is a very nasty disease to me.Somehow I am not comfortable to treat this one.Patient comes with a painful swelling near to anus,fever and prostration .On examination a painful swelling will be found near the anal opening.Once drained a large amount of foul swelling pus will  come out and relief the patient to […]

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