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Pacemakers Can be Hacked

Perhaps in the face of threat from wireless hacking of pacemakers that may endanger the life of the patient, those should be made hacker-proof. Pacemaker is a device the doctor implants in the patients of heart disease to regulate the functioning of heart. Amplify’d from Protecting Pacemakers From Hackers It’s been difficult to turn […]

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Computer Vulnerability from Adobe Reader

Adobe, famous for PDF reader warns of computer vulnerability. They are finding solutions to it. We do not know, the status of other open source PDF readers such as Foxit and Evince. Amplify’d from Adobe warns of zero-day hole in Reader, Acrobat Adobe on Wednesday warned of a zero-day hole in Reader and Acrobat […]

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Image by Creativity+ Timothy K Hamilton via Flickr To-day I could not make it a point to get the daily dose of walking.But I shall make it up in the afternoon perhaps.Or else I am completing walking 5to 6 times a week at any rate.So I sat before my PC,went to filehippo update checker and […]

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