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Slow Music from New technical pillow for Better Sleep

Amplify’d from Helping older people get a better night’s sleep with new technology Older people who have trouble sleeping will soon be able to use a range of state-of-the-art technology including a pillow with inbuilt gentle music that can lull them to sleep. Follow on Digg, Twitter, or Facebook. Helping older people get […]


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Computer to Boot up In Seconds

Please go through the technology advance in boot up of computers. New always replaces old. Amplify’d from New computers will ‘boot up in seconds’ Wave goodbye to BIOS, say hello to UEFI, a new technology that will drastically reduce start-up times. The next generation of home computers will be able to boot up in […]

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Poor to suffer in India.

Image via Wikipedia It is all in papers that India is a welfare state.Poor do suffer from diseases which are potentially curable.Patient comes to private hospitals 10 days after an attack of appendicitis in a moribund condition.It is not that they do not want to get cured at the earliest.But they also know that it […]

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Powerhouse Of Body

Adenosine Triphosphate There is power crisis everywhere.Every state and scientists are trying hard to add power to their existing capacity.So there is Bio-diesel,Solar power,Wind power,Power from oceanic waves,Hydro power,Nuclear power ,Thermal power and so much and so forth.Obviously power houses must be there to materialize this.Sometimes some peculiar thoughts prevail me ,for example will it […]

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