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Rabies from Vampire Bat Bite

Rabies is preventable. It’s treatment may not be successful. The typical fear for cold wind and water called hydrophobia manifests late.
History taking is an important part which is often missing now-a-days; whereas clinicians preferring and depending mainly on investigations.
Headache, confusion and features of encephalitis in patients should prompt clinician to bring rabies as differential diagnosis.

Rabies can be transmitted from bite of rabid dog, monkey, mongoose, fox, bat, raccoon and skunk.

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Saliva of Vampire Bat Shows Way to Stroke Treatment

As seen in vampire films blood goes on flowing from the bitten site. That may be because of prevention of clotting, surely due to some blood thinning agent. That has enthused scientist to isolate the chemical desmoteplase, which can be helpful for stroke patients. Amplify’d from Vampire bat saliva breaks up blood clots A […]

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