Chickenpox can be be Life Threatening

Chickenpox, though rarely, may cause encephalitis and ischemic arterial stroke that may result in death. The most irritating long term complication of it is shingles. That is why, it is better to get protected that to suffer from it. Read more; Clinician On Net: Chickenpox may sometimes become Life Threatening.

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Exercise can Control Blood Sugar in Pre-Diabetics and Type-II Diabetics

Exercise or insulin? Exercise is equivalent to insulin in controlling blood glucose in pre-diabetics and type-II diabetics to a larger extent. But, what is the mechanism? Ill understood, but true. Read more;

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Peptic Ulcer Disease is More Common in Patients of Chronic Kidney Disease ~ From A Clinician’s Bioscope

Incidence Peptic Ulcer Disease (PUD) has decreased over the past several years, so also surgeries for the condition; precisely due to the use of medications to decrease the strength of acid in stomach. However, in a study of 10 years database extracted from the National Health Insurance Research Database in Taiwan, from 1998–2008, a group […]

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Cinnamon may Supplement Control of Diabetes Mellitus and Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

The beneficial effect of cinnamon was being studied in the recent years. A double blind, placebo controlled study has shown that the consumption of 1.5 gms (Half a teaspoonful) of cinnamon powder daily, physical activity and balanced diet may reduce insulin resistance in diabetics and lower the bad fats (LDL) level. Read more:  Cinnamon may […]

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Chelation Therapy with EDTA may Reduce Cardiovascular Events in Diabetics

In a study, funded by National Institutes of Health, “Trial to Assess Chelation Therapy (TACT)”, it has been seen that chelation treatments reduced cardiovascular events, such as heart attacks, and death in patients with diabetes, but not in those, who did not have it. However, researchers are of opinion that more studies are needed before […]

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