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Vomiting In Inguinal Hernia

Chronic cough due to various chest diseases, and diseases like stricture of urethra or an enlarged prostate which increase resistance to smooth flow of urine, raise intra-abdominal pressure and the contents of abdomen may find their way out through a potential weakness in the abdominal wall, what is called inguinal canal. That is termed as inguinal hernia

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Mastectomy for breast Cancer

Reseted Gross specimen of Breast Cancer. There are minimal removal of breast tissue to total removal of tissue in breast cancer depending on the extent or stage of disease. You may go through the url to read more along with the quotes text. Quoted. “Who is mastectomy for? Mastectomy is an effective treatment for […]

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Shoulder Dislocation

Dislocation of shoulder is a very painful condition. The person who has experienced it will only be able to understand the plight of the patient.


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Swelling on the Wrist.

The man was very much worried.” A bone was growing over the wrist since a few months” was his complain. The swelling was nearly circular, painless, almost defined boarders, does not move in any direction, hard to feel, almost fixed in the depth and was very slowly growing in size. So, he thought it to be a bony growth and must be dangerous.

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Finger Clicks on Clinching Fist

Image by tylerdurden1 via Flickr There is a clicking sound while clinching fist and pain along a finger of hand. This is a sort of spot the diagnosis for medical persons. This is a condition involving flexor tendons of fingers. There are tunnels and tendon pulleys in the fingers, made up of collagen/fibrous tissue .The […]

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