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Rabies from Vampire Bat Bite

Rabies is preventable. It’s treatment may not be successful. The typical fear for cold wind and water called hydrophobia manifests late.
History taking is an important part which is often missing now-a-days; whereas clinicians preferring and depending mainly on investigations.
Headache, confusion and features of encephalitis in patients should prompt clinician to bring rabies as differential diagnosis.

Rabies can be transmitted from bite of rabid dog, monkey, mongoose, fox, bat, raccoon and skunk.

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Sepsis after Cat Bite

So, apart from vaccination against rabies the wound should be inspected right at the time of first reporting of patient.Appropriate action for collected blood should be taken along with antibacterial treatment.Vaccination against tetanus is mandatory.


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Rabies and Protection

Image by Getty Images via Daylife A patient having low grade fever ,headache,malaise and some amount of cough usually not given much importance thinking it to be common cold or some minor viral fever.But if has a history of exposure to the bite or saliva contact of an unimmunized domestic pet like dog,rabbit,monkey,cat or mongoose […]

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Rabies spreads from the bite of rabid animals.The disease is seen in animals like monkey,dog,jackel,cat and  mongoose etc..The cardinal sign of an animal becoming rabid is running amoke or melancholia .Once affected usually dies around tenth day.But sometimes healthy carriers are found.That is why it is suggested to immunise the pets for rabies and if […]

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First I thank English muse whose black cat prompted me to write this article to-day.It is a tradition in this part of our country India that not to go ahead in journey if a cat crosses the road in front of some body because it signals bad luck.I have read in a Daily news Paper […]

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