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Coriander Oil can be the Savior from Bacterial Disease

The researchers found that coriander oil is able to damage the membrane of bacterial cells. This blocks the cell from essential processes, like respiration, and ultimately leads to the bacterium’s demise, the researchers report.


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Copper Can Kill Bacteria

In ancient India saints used to store and drink water from copper utensils. Copper in small quantity required for haemoglobin synthesis and activation of some body enzymes.

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Urinary Tract Infection

Urine Culture Showing E.Coli a common bacteria causing  urinary infection.     The burning sensation and severe urge for urination  is very much distressing  for of  a patients of urinary tract infection.Urinary tract stretches right from the kidneys to the urethra.Any part of it may get infected.It is mostly bacterial in origin.But may be due to […]

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Image via Wikipedia I do not remember if I have seen bilateral orchitis in the recent past that I saw to-day.The enlargement is quite remarkable.May be it is due to the delay in arrival to the hospital.Orchitis is inflammation of testis commonly by bacteria in an adult but in tropical countries usually filarial. .In children […]

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Surgical complication of Typhoid

Image via Wikipedia Typhoid an infection by Salmonella Typhi/Paratyphi of intestinal lymphoid collection also called Enteric fever is transmitted through contaminated food and drink .There are also human carriers of the disease.The disease is characterized by fever of long duration with rigors,cough and great prostration usually fatal if untreated. Diagnosis is based on clinical and […]

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