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Keeping Heart Muscle Healthy

Exercise preserves the heart muscles through out old age in comparison to the sedentary lifestyle. Amplify’d from Exercise preserves, builds heart muscle NEW ORLEANS (Reuters) – Consistent lifelong exercise preserves heart muscle in the elderly to levels that match or even exceed that of healthy young sedentary people, a surprising finding that underscores the […]

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Heart Muscle Re-grows in Mice

can we isolate the gene from zebra fish, that is responsible for re-growth of damaged heart muscle; and put it in human. Amplify’d from Mouse heart ‘re-grows when cut’, study shows Scientists in the United States have found newborn mice can re-grow their own hearts. Fish and amphibians are known to have the power […]

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Coffee Increases Resilience of Great Vessels in Body

Resilience of great vessels in the body increases by coffee. The effect is due to the polyphenol content as claimed by the researchers. It amy be helpful to hypertensives. It increases alertness due to caffeine content and good for persons engaged in night shift duty. May not give good sleep to people intend to take […]

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The thicker slice is the left side and and the separator is the mitral valve. “It leaves joints and bites the heart” is well said.Rheumatic arthritis has this notorious reputation.Most commonly affects a female of younger age group,usually having a history of long standing throat infection in the past.Bigger joints such as knees,elbows,ankles and hips […]

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