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Male Infertility

Structure of sermatozoo        Brave & mighty rules earth.And that is also true in case of fertilizing an ovum ,of course in human.Millions of sperms rush to fertilize one ovum and one succeeds.Obviously  this is an arrangement by nature to have the fittest sperm take part in reproduction.Many a times male fails to fulfill the […]

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Image via Wikipedia Red blood cells(RBC) in blood are responsible for carriny oxygen to the cells and bring out carbondioxide from  there.The protein iron complex in it called haemoglobin is the carrier of oxygen and carbondioxide.Normal hemoglobin is termed as HbA.But many abnormalities do occur.One is HbS ( Sickle haemoglobin) derived the name from sickle […]

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ESOPHAGEAL VARICES. Bleeding from upper intestine ,most commonly from an ulcer in stomach and duodenum causes black stool .Black stool is due to action of acid (hydrochloric)on the hemoglobin (present in the red blood cells).That is substantiated by occult blood test of a stool sample.The exact disease of stomach and duodenum can be determined by […]

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