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Fasting in a Module can Help Patients of Type II Diabetes Mellitus and CVD

A British researcher says existing research indicates intermittent fasting may help those with diabetes and cardiovascular disease, alongside with weight loss. Fasting can be intermittent, on a given number of consecutive or alternate days. The basic format of intermittent fasting is to alternate days eating “normally” with days when calorie consumption is restricted. This can […]



Diet Check for Diabetics in Holiday Season

Diabetics need to give attention to their food during holidaying.

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Diabetes Drug Dapagliflozin On FDA Watch

Dapagliflozin, a novel anti-diabetic drug may have the risk of causing breast and bladder cancer. Amplify’d from FDA Reviewers Flag Cancer Risk in Diabetes Drug WASHINGTON — FDA reviewers said the novel diabetes drug dapagliflozin appears effective at treating diabetes, but may pose breast and bladder cancer risks as well as liver toxicity. The […]

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Diabetes Curable with 600 Calorie per Day Diet?

The British doctors say, they can cure type II diabetes with 600 calorie per day diet. They claim to have reversed diabetes in 11 people. let us wait and watch for more news on it. Amplify’d from British docs say they can cure diabetes: How? (CBS) Can a diet cure type 2 diabetes? That’s […]

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Grapefruit Extract may Help Diabetics and Atherosclerosis

Grapefruit extract naringenin taken just before taking food may help in reducing bad fat synthesis and increase insulin sensitivity in diabetics. Amplify’d from New pre-meal dietary supplement can overcome fat and sugar problems A little bitter with a little sweet, in the form of a nano-complex dietary supplement taken before meals, can result in […]

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